After-School Programs: Resources for Student Enrichment

After-school programs provide enrichment and development opportunities for kids and young adults beyond the traditional school curriculum. Programs taking place after school hours give youth a safe, supervised place to explore interests, learn new skills and spend worthwhile time with peers and adults. Learn about the various types of after-school programs available, or learn how to start your own after-school program.

Finding After-School Programs

The after-school hours are an important time that can be used to enrich learning and social skills. All students can benefit from the safe, structured environment offered by after-school programs. Use the Web sites in this section for finding after-school programs that are right for your child.

Insights for Finding After-School Programs

  • The Web is an excellent place to begin your search for finding after-school programs in your area. Also check with your child’s school, local parks and recreation centers, and be sure to talk with other parents to see if they have recommendations.
  • Visit after-school programs with your child to get a firsthand experience of the program. That way, you both can get a better idea of what the program offers, and decide if it’s a good fit.

Top Sites for Finding After-School Programs

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How to Start an After-School Program

Launching an after-school program is a huge and worthwhile undertaking. From the proposal stage through the implementation stage, this section helps you learn how to start an after-school program. Learn how to put your ideas into action with resources that help you find funding, volunteers and more.

Insights for How to Start an After-School Program

  • Instead of reinventing the wheel, look at other successful after-school programs for ideas. The Web can help you find a program that might serve as a model for the kind of program you want to create.
  • One of the most challenging aspects of starting an after-school program is finding enough funding to run the program. The Foundation Center has a comprehensive database of grantmakers and information on other funding opportunities that will help you start an after-school program.

Top Sites for How to Start an After-School Program

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After-School Program Curriculums

The after-school program curriculums with the most impact connect learning across the home, community and classroom. Program content, staff members and even the location all help to determine whether the program will be successful and appealing. In this section, find the best Web resources for creating an effective after-school program curriculum that will entice students to keep coming back.

Insights for After-School Program Curriculums

  • The best after-school program curriculums encompass different cultures and values. Look for program content on the Internet that is multilingual to promote inclusion for all participants.
  • Hoping to supplement your program’s services with help from other organizations? Use the Web to find local museums, colleges and universities that may be interested in partnership opportunities.
  • When designing your after-school program curriculum, be creative—consider volunteer opportunities for kids. Read how kids are getting involved, and how to motivate them to volunteer.

Top Sites for After-School Program Curriculums

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After-School Program Staff Training

Whether you’re looking to become an after-school practitioner or you’re a seasoned veteran, the Web is teeming with after-school program staff training information and resources. Let the sites in this section show you where to find development and training opportunities, the latest after-school policy information, and even where to find an after-school position that makes the most of your skills and talents.

Insights for After-School Program Staff Training

  • The Internet is loaded with certificate programs and online classes to jumpstart your development and training as an after-school program provider. Take a look at the findingDulcinea Education Web Guide for ideas.
  • Becoming a youth worker can be very fulfilling—and challenging. Consider getting a taste of this type of work by volunteering or working part-time; lists thousands of opportunities.

Top Sites for After-School Program Staff Training

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